Designing a mobile health insurance.


Why this project?

. This was the first project I worked on as a design researcher in a country where I did not speak the local language. 

. However, this communication challenge pushed me to develop my observation skills even further.


Creating a first-of-its-kind health insurance app that help people stay healthy and let them personalize their health & wellness plans.

People don't often think of their health when something has gone wrong. Our client AXA aimed to help people stay healthy through methods of prevention, avoiding the urgent need for a cure for an ailment or disease.

The Process & Outcome

A mobile health insurance that is not only an "app" but an entire ecosystem that would interact with its users on a daily basis and encourage them to take control of their own health and wellness goals.

In the first phase of the project, while the team was interviewing key stakeholders, I took the responsibility of conducting one-on-one interviews with people across different European countries who buy private health insurance, as well as people who opt-in on their national public health insurance. 


From this research, we were keen to combine our findings and understand the pain points people were going through not only when they needed to use their health insurance but also to track their health and wellness goals, and we unearthed the following key insights: 


. Most people we spoke to trust in their doctor’s expertise; however, as they are becoming more engaged and making more decisions about their health thanks to the internet, they want to be more in-control and heard by their healthcare providers.

. Most people we spoke to mentioned that they didn’t have the sense of control over their health information and they expressed a huge interest in the ability to track their personal data at any point and share it with their family members or other healthcare providers when necessary.

. With the rise of wearables (back in 2013 when we were working on this project), people were happy to track their personal data; however, there seemed to be a need for a platform which would let users track the progress of a range of things to gain a holistic view of their health. 


The outcome of this phase was a detailed user journey map which then translated into an actual app.


Medical History

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7/24 Online Chat Access to Doctors

Personal health condition evaluation

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