Retail Post-Covid Strategy

Client: One of the 10 largest retailers in the US


How will the pandemic change the role of a retailer in the delivery of goods and services in 2022 and beyond?​​

COVID has driven unprecedented disruption. Our clients knew this crisis will have a lasting impact and shape the future of their business, the retail industry and the people.


Given the level of uncertainty that exists today, they needed to explore and define what a future new normal could look like for their business, more specifically for 2022 and beyond. Accordingly, our clients wanted to work closely with an external partner to build future scenarios and understand potential implications for their business.


The Process & Outcome

3 scenarios that are most impactful to our client's business and their implications to inform long-term strategic planning.

My team and I started this project examining our client's business model and captured the most important threats to their business model’s future success that COVID-19 has surfaced.

We knew that, in order to guess what future might look like for our clients, we first needed to Identify key stakeholder behaviors that underpin the success of their business model. Through 1:1 interviews and digital ethnographies, we learned from stakeholders, including their customers how their mindsets and behaviors have shifted as a result of Covid-19.​ 

After capturing stakeholder behaviors, we have identified the ones that our client's business model relies on the most in order to continue to act in a way that is consistent with their current behaviors.  ​

We then determined which behaviors are most susceptible to disruption by evaluating them in Jump’s Behavior Change Model and developed alternative scenarios for what the New Normal could look like for our clients.


From our ideation session


As an outcome of this Sprint, we were asked to present our client's executive leadership team the final 3 fully-developed product propositions. The products were very well received and took all the 3 concepts to BASES testing. 

From our Sprint 

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