Reinventing Frozen Meals

Client: One of the world's largest food and beverage company


Challenge the paradigm of the frozen meals to develop innovative  propositions within a  

5-week timeframe.

Our client asked us to present to their executive team 3 fully-fleshed out new propositions that:

. Have been optimized and refined with qualitative user feedback

. Include strong strategic underpinnings, i.e. insight, emotional & functional benefit, reason-to-believe, and right to win

. Are presented in a prototyped, with a fully designed brand and packaging

. Include protocepted product, creatively led by the client's culinary group in collaboration with the core project team


The Process & Outcome

3 fully-developed product propositions, presented with brand positioning and as well as a prototype and  a recipe

After ingesting all of the materials shared by our client, immersing ourselves in the brand positioning and becoming more grounded in the brand, I have:

. Audited inside and outside the frozen category to understand how classic brands have reinvented themselves, what modern comfort foods look like, and the composition of today’s family

. Solidified my insights around the brand and the frozen category with a speedy round of qualitative research through d.scout

. Together as a team, synthesized this information to develop distinct proposition platforms for the Sprint


You can see my responsibilities and the outcome for each phase of the Sprint process on the slideshow below.


From our ideation session


As an outcome of this Sprint, we were asked to present our client's executive leadership team the final 3 fully-developed product propositions. The products were very well received and took all the 3 concepts to BASES testing. 

From our Sprint 

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